Bull Shoals Lake Fishing Report

The last couple years the carp has been coined “The Poor Man’s Bonefish” , well if that’s the case I want to be the first to coin the drum as “The Poor Man’s Roosterfish”!  They are  hard fighting, hit the same flies as bass and walleye and put up a heck of a fight on any type tackle, especially a fly rod.  When hooked they tend to stay deep and when they get sideways their tall, thick bodies can be hard to move. Although abundant in Bull Shoals they a not targeted as a species but are often caught when fishing for the more glamorous bass and walleye.  This one measured 23” and fought well even though the water only registered at 42 degrees.

Secondary points and shorelines produced a few scrappy Smallmouth’s and a Kentucky with hits coming at about 10 feet.  Clouser Deep Minnows in olive and cream on full sinking lines got the most attention.

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