Sow Bug Roundup

The Annual Sow Bug Roundup was held in Mt. Home last weekend with tiers and venders from across the nation attending to demonstrate their talents.

I had an opportunity to visit with several different tiers, observe their techniques, and found myself envious of their skills and knowledge.  To all of you who shared your time, skills and knowledge with me, I thank you very much and look forward to seeing you again next year.

Of special note was my time spent with legendary tier and fly-fishing angler, Royce Dam.  He shared several stories, techniques, and flies with me and I was very impressed with his line of instructional DVD’s.  I acquired several and have already learned a wealth of knowledge to help me tie Woolheads and warm water deer hair patterns.  You can email Royce at to get your very own copies of his excellent DVD’s.

Also of special note was my time spent with Warmwater Fly Tyer; Ward Bean.  He demonstrated his tying techniques on a couple of his favorite bluegill patterns.  Later that evening I was pleasantly impressed when I had the opportunity to peruse his web site and discover just how knowledgably and talented he is.  Not only does Ward know what he’s doing,  he is more than willing to share his vast knowledge free of charge via his website.  Take a look for yourself at www.WarmwaterFlyTyer.Com  it includes excellent photographs, patterns, and step-by-step instructions.  Most impressive!

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