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Ken is the owner and operator of Ken Minsky’s Loch Leven providing guide service for fly fishermen on the world famous White and Norfork Rivers of northwest Arkansas’s Ozark Mountains.


Much has been written over the years about the fantastic fly fishing available on those storied tail waters.  What has been kept more of a secret is the incredible fly fishing opportunities to be found on nearby Bull Shoals Lake.


Since moving to the area in 1996 and building his home on Bull Shoals Lake. Ken has become an expert at finding and catching the beautiful brown and rainbow trout inhabiting the rivers.  Ken has also spent considerable time unlocking the secrets of fly fishing for the many other species of fish found in the deep, clear waters of Bull Shoals Lake.


 Over the years Bull Shoals has built a reputation as being one of the best bass producing lakes in the nation.  Many people travel to the area every year to try their hand with traditional spin and bait casting gear for both large and smallmouth bass.  Let Ken share his secrets with you on how to get not only bass in the boat with a fly rod but the elusive and highly regarded Walleye as well.


 Growing up in northern Michigan and spending his summers as a “boat boy” at his uncle’s resort in northern Wisconsin. Ken has spent his entire life fishing or taking people fishing.  So it came at no surprise that Ken would decide to start a guiding business to supplement his regular gig as a twenty year veteran with the United States Government in disaster management.


Along those same lines Ken also picked up hunting, shooting and trapping at a young age and still enjoys many days in the field or range when not fishing.  He has also become very proficient with the use of the shotgun and is a Level 1 Shooting Instructor with the National Sporting Clays Association.


Let Ken put the fun, fish and clay busting into your trip to the Ozarks.  Whether you’re an expert with rod and gun, a beginner wanting to learn or a spouse of an outdoor enthusiast who would like to spend a little more time with a loved one.  Ken has all you will need to make sure you go away with a trip of a life time.  Bring your gear or let Ken provide it for you. Ken has the patience, experience and know how to make sure you’ll want to make fly fishing and shooting with Ken Minsky’s Loch Leven a part of your next trip to the Ozarks.



Meet Your Guide

When Ken decided to get into the guiding business he wanted to offer his clients more than the run of the mill White River Johnboat.  He wanted to offer the same kind of fishing experience fly fishing anglers enjoy on the rivers of today’s American west.  The Drift Boat experience, long quiet drifts through prime water with the added benefit of precise boat positioning, compliments of the man on the oars.

The boat of choice for Ozark Rivers has long been the long and narrow White River Johnboat. Put into service long before rail cars and automobiles were around and were used to haul cargo and for general transportation.  The long and narrow design made it a good choice for navigating the rivers “skinny” water areas while still being able to haul a substantial load.


When outfitters started springing up in the early part of the 1900’s offering sport fishing and float trips they naturally used the same boats that had been used for decades.


 Well, like everything else time changes everything and so it goes for the traditional White River Johnboat (for fly fishing anyway).  With more and more people having traveled to our western rivers and experiencing fly fishing from the boat of choice on those waters.  It only makes sense that the drift boat would soon catch on in the Ozarks too.


With stable flat bottoms, up swept ends, knee braces and a strong back on the oars today’s modern drift boats offer everything a fly fisher could ask for.  Except one thing, the ability to fish that special piece of water again.  Once you’ve past it, you’re done and moving on to the next stretch of river.  The one advantage the White River Johnboat has over the traditional drift boat.


Until now that is.  Let Ken guide you along the river in the comfort of his custom built 18’ Hyde Power Drifter the Loch Leven.  Custom built to his specifications to provide you with all day comfort while fishing for the big ones.  Stay dry and secure with custom knee bracing and flat non skid casting decks.  Thrill to the catch of another trophy trout with the security of muti positioning knee braces, both forward and aft.

Relax in comfort with unmatched seating configurations and padded swivel seats that are a pleasure to get into and easy to get up from.  Custom oars and anchoring allow for precise boat control.  Whether you’re a tournament caster or someone needing to get “just a little closer”, the Loch Leven will put and keep you right where you need to be.


To top it off the Loch Leven feathers a 60hp Evinrude E-Tec Jet Drive outboard motor.  Gone are the days of being limited to just a down stream drift or not being able to take another shot at that special piece of water.  Put in up stream or down, power to the best holes and drift back down again.  No more waiting for shuttles or a long trip back to your car.

Ken Minsky’s Loch Leven offers all the advantages of the traditional White River Drift boats maneuverability with the classic comfort and security of western style drift boats.


Give Ken a call today to plan your next angling adventure in the Ozarks.  Whether lake or river, Ken Minsky’s Loch Leven is equally suited to bring you the utmost in angling comfort and security.


Call Ken today!

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