Bull Shoals/White Bass and Dogwoods

Bull Shoals is not there yet but she’s getting real close to busting loose.  The main lake water temperature is at 42 and some of the north bays are seeing 50 in spots.  Shoal Creek (mid lake) has some white bass getting ready to make their move to the shallows to spawn with some smaller males moving in and out of the shallow water.  The larger females are still holding in deeper water but will be right behind as soon as the water gets just a few degrees warmer.  

A trip to the north end of Shoal Creek this afternoon turned up a few white bass but what was most surprising was to find a bloom on this Dogwood tree.  They say the bass will run when the Dogwoods bloom and if this is any indication, it won’t be long now. 

What many folks don’t know about Bull Shoals is that it has become home to several nesting pairs of loons in the last few years.  Long thought of as a Yankee bird, I guess the loons have found out for themselves what a great a place Arkansas really is!

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