Bull Shoals Fishing Report 3-30-11

Spring is supposed to make an appearance at Bull Shoals this weekend and with a little luck, it may hang around a while.  The main lake temp is still at about 44 and the presentation remains slow, very slow.   All that can change quickly once the sun comes out and the water warms a bit.  Fish are biting but are a little moody; still they sometimes can’t resist a slow moving morsel if it happens to go by.  This nice little smallmouth can attest to that.

Although often overlooked for fancier fish, I happen to think the drum is a pretty good looking fish.  Down south in the gulf, it’s cousin the redfish is all the rave and it’s not a bit prettier than this guy here.  Both are very hard fighters, preferring to take the fight to the depths rather than the air.  What they lack in glamour, they make up for in spunk!  Not only that, they behave rather well in the boat and seem almost eager to have their picture made.  

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