Bull Shoals Lake Fishing Report 4-19-2011

The lake is trying to warm up but the weather seems to have other plans.  Main lake temperature is about 52 to 55 depending on where you are, and which way the wind is blowing.  The only thing consistent with the weather is the inconsistency.  I was optimistic with my last report that things were about to warm up and the fish would move in and do their thing.  Two days of fair weather followed by five days of cold, windy, and cloudy weather, appears to be the norm this spring.

Part of the beauty of fishing this wonderful lake is the range of species we have to fish for.  This fat carp took a minnow pattern in about ten feet of water and battled hard for several minutes before coming to the net.

These nice walleyes were right where they should be, and were taken in twelve to sixteen feet of water, just off main lake points.

With a storm about to roll in I only had a short time to test a new tangle fly,  I developed for gar.  Sight fishing, the second fish I cast to was all over this fly.  Although gar fly’s are tied on hooks, the hooks are not needed as the long and narrow snouts are not suited for “hook ups” in the usual way.  Instead, the fly’s are tied from combed out nylon rope or twine and the long bills full of needle sharp teeth get tangled in the fly.  Look for photo’s, recipe and tying instructions to be posted in the next few days.

The weather forecast calls for a sunny but cooler day tomorrow, followed by several rainy, but warmer days.  Spawning activities should increase for crappies and bass during the next week or so.  Those wanting to try their luck with gar on the fly, should look for the warmest water possible in north side bays and coves.  Main lake bluffs can also offer incredible action, and should not be overlooked.

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