Bull Shoals Lake, White River fishing report 4-23-14

Bull Shoals is fishing very well!  This is the magical time we wait for all year, the spawn!  The main lake water temperature has risen to 63, up almost ten degrees from just a week ago.  Fish of all types are either spawning, just finished or are fixin to real soon!  Walleyes are done, and are now moving throughout the creek arms seeking to take in some calories. You can find them in 8 to 12 feet of water hanging around secondary points as they linger on their way to their main lake haunts.  White bass are still going strong in some larger creek arms.  In smaller creeks arms, spawning has been completed and the whites are busting baits along secondary points.  Just keep that fly moving as the whites like it fast!

Kentucky bass have moved in to the 8 to 12 foot range and getting ready to spawn.  Again, secondary points and banks are key places to find them.  Crappies have moved shallow and can be found near flooded brush near secondary points. 

Smallmouth’s are coming to hand along main lake bluffs and creek arms and are taking baits in the 10 to 15 foot range.

If you’re up to some fun with some rough fish, carp are moving way back in the creek arms and fishing them blind with smaller minnow imitations will surely put a bend in your rod. Some of these fish are massive and the fight can be long and hard on medium weight tackle. Large schools or suckers have made their way into the creeks in 2 to 5 feet.  They can be a lot of fun on fly gear while walking the banks using worm imitations.  You’ll need a stealthy approach as they may be rough fish, but they are not stupid.

The White River has been running hard with some stop and go flows, making it more difficult for wading anglers to get access.  The caddis hatch has been sporadic with reports of massive hatches one day and fewer bugs the next.  The usual sub surface caddis patterns are performing well and buggers in brown, olive and black are knocking them dead, as always.

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