Bull Shoals, White River fishing report October 3, 2012

Bull Shoals is fishing well, with a consistent temperature of about 74 from the surface to about 40 feet then developing a distinct thermocline at 45 to 50 feet, with the temperature dropping to 67 degrees.  These conditions have most of the fish at about the 30 to 35 foot depth range.  This of course,  is well within range for the fly angler with full sinking lines.

The main lake, primary points, and secondary points are all producing fish with the usual clouser type presentations.

The evening bite seems to be getting pushed back until after dark and I suspect the rising full moon has something to do with that.  Look for conditions to improve by the middle of next week, when the bite should start to come a little earlier in the evening.

A cold front is expected to arrive in the area Friday the 5th and rain and rapidly dropping temperature is expected for two days.  I look for the fishing to slow after the front, the fish should remain in the same general areas they are holding now, but I would tend to fish a bit deeper and slower until after the affects of the front have passed.  Meaning, waiting for the bluebird skies to diminish and the fish resume their periodic migrations to shallower water for feeding.

Meanwhile, the White River continues to fish well (as always) with the usual midge and sow bug presentations.  Daily releases have been fairly consistent, running 1000cfs to 1400cfs in the morning hours and increasing to 3000cfs to 4000cfs (or more) later in the afternoon and evening.  Some would say that is great generating schedule, as it allows the waders a chance to get out, and enough water for the boaters to move around as well.

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