Bull Shoals Lake, White River Fishing Report 4-16-2012

Bull Shoals is back to power pool after a couple weeks of
steady generation.  The lake warmed to
the low seventies but has dropped a few degrees the last couple days due to a
little cooler weather. The bass seem to be moving into the shallow water but some
are still out in deeper water too.   I’m
catching nice smallmouth bass in about 18 feet of water on the secondary banks
with lime over white clouser’s doing the most good.  Nice largemouth’s are holding in 4 to 12 feet
of water and are also hitting clouser’s, woolly buggers are getting some action
as well.

Walleye’s are tuff to find this year and so far I have yet
to see even one and have not heard of many being seen or caught.  The white bass have been very spotty this
year and I would think the spawn is over for them and are moving back into
deeper water.


Catfish, both channel and flatheads are being caught on trot
lines both day and night and about 50% still have spawn in them.

Big bluegills can be caught in deeper water (12 to 18) with
sinking lines and wet flies.  I can’t say
much about their spawning activity as I have not found and eggs in any
bluegills all winter long and still none this spring.  My guess is, the flooding last spring, pushed
them back so far, they either spawned very late or, most likely re-absorbed
their eggs and did not spawn.  If anyone
has any input on that, I would sure like to know.

The White River is getting back to some lower flows and the
fishing is great.  Massive caddis fly
hatch’s coming off in the afternoon are epic and the fishing is very, very good
right now.  Expect some wading
opportunities to open up now that the lake is back to pool.


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